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Friday, September 23, 2011

Garissa-Mandera Highway: Why I Don't Believe in that Anymore

I will admit to being a jaded skeptic when it comes to government led development in North Eastern. But one need not be a seasoned cynic to shrug at the mere mention of a Garissa-Mandera Highway. No politicians comes to NEP without mentioning it. No local power hungry tribalist crank runs for office without invoking it.
Yet, despite all the lip service, this project has never gotten off the ground. This's why  I'm not impressed this time round when Yusuf Haji drapes himself in "Saudi Labianism"  and talks about the shovel readiness of this infrastructure project.

I remember, as a sixth grader less than a decade ago, following politicians on the campaign trail and hearing all the great things they promised to do for the residents of NEP. They talked about this highway, about building leather factories, irrigation schemes. They talked about building better schools and mobile clinics.

It's not just that they haven't done any of those things. The more important thing is that our own politicians have not fought for this highway and more bizarrely have continued to campaign for the same people who've lied to us for two generations now.

Its like we have a natural affinity for disappointment. The more our corrupt political elites piss on us, the more subservient we get.

I am sorry to have disappointed you Mr. illiterate Minister. I just don't believe in you and its getting painful seeing an old ass like you pay homage to this deadbeat project.  

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