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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raila Meets with Somali Kenyans in Minnesota

Prime Minister Raila Odinga met with the Somali Kenyan Community of Minnesota and laid out his plans for the country. The meeting revolved around issues related to food security, the famine in East Africa and how to bring the Kenyan dream to the millions of Kenyans that have been marginalized. Raila talked about his plan to get the economy working for the regular man again and ensuring accessible education and health care for all.

Also to pander to the audiences islamic believes, he reiterated that the Kenya Constitution does not legalize gay marriage or abortion.

Dr. Siyat Abdullahi, the chairman of the committee that organized the event and other speakers in the diaspora spoke of their hope for a Ministry of the Diaspora and for a say in the Kenyan democracy. 

Not to forget, the PM cracked the usual jokes about Kenyan tribes. The event was attended by dignitaries such as the Kenyan Ambassador to the United Nation and The PM's wife, Ida odinga.

Here are some grainy cellphone pictures of the event. Courtesy of one Hinda Ali's Twitter TL (@HindaAli19)

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