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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Former DC claims He would have stopped Wagalla Massacre

Classy Kenyan War Criminal and former Wajir DC is expressing contrition in his post "I-committed-a-massacre" repose the way any man awash in the blood of innocents does: by feigning ignorance and (selective) amnesia.

In a testimony before the TJRC, Moi's acolyte exonerated himself from participating in the massacre of 5000 innocent Somalis in Wajir.

"If I was on the ground at that time, I would have insisted that the people who were being held be fed and given water to drink. It is a matter of being human,"
He also claimed the government sanctioned mass rape of women was the act of rogue individuals.
"No law allows a Government officer to rape a citizen. Those who carried out the heinous acts were acting as individuals and not following Government policy,"
In a live cast on national TV, the former DC was evasive and vapid. I find it very hard to believe that a senior administration official is unable to recall whether he attended a meeting where the subject of killing thousands of people was discussed at length. And we are speaking of the Moi Administration here. Senior Administration officials did not skip meetings that had national security implications!

Read full story here

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