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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Police Officer Goes Crazy, Shoots and Kills 2 in Garissa

Stats on the sorry state of Education in Garissa

More Hate, More Daily Nation and More Yellow Journalism.

Responding to this kind of malicious slander and racist propaganda is becoming almost too tedious for this blog. The Daily Nation continues to double down on its racist, knee-jerk reaction to anything marginally associated with Somalis even if culpability doesn't lie with Somalis.

This week, their delusions are based on a nefarious (mis)understanding of what happened in Madogo. The monkey posing as an editor forgot to mention to the clown who penned this opinion that Tana North District isn't part of Garissa and that the OCPD was killed by raging Munyos- not Somalis. But why let facts stand in your way when you can score cheap political points.

The Daily Nation's disregard for basic accuracy is villainous and reeking of yellow journalism.

Eastleigh estate has been taken over and it is no longer regarded as part of Kenya. Indeed, many Kenyans rarely venture into Eastleigh because it is under siege from various Somali elements.
Many indigenous Kenyans (including Kenyan Somalis) have since left for other estates. I hear that some crooks even collect ‘‘protection fees’’ from business owners.

The whole article is riddled with innuendos and counter-factual claims that are not supported by basic common sense. If Kenyan Somalis are to thrive long term, they need to take on this Indian backed rag head on.
At a time of such great difficulty for many Somalis who are suffering as a result of drought, state sanctioned marginalization and internal conflict, its inhumane and against common human decency for a paper beholden to rich Indian benefactors to paint a whole community as anarchist, violent and anti-democratic.

To allow teachers at third rate colleges to slander a whole community without evidence because of their deep seated hatred for Somalis is against the course of natural justice. The retard who wrote this hateful fluff piece can be reached at
If you have a conscious, you'll e-mail this clown your reactions.

To read the full article, go here

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video of Madogo Riots

Madogo Mobs Go Beserk,OCPD Killed

The plot is thickening fast as violence rocks Madogo following three days of protests by Matatu operators and their supporters.

According to Daily Nation, the OCPD has been killed, his guns stolen and vehicle set a blaze;

Tana North District OCPD Kuya Okitoi was on Tuesday morning attacked by matatu operators plying between Garissa and Madogo towns.
The OCPD, who is in a critical condition has been admitted at Garissa Provincial Hospital after sustaining serious injuries.
During the attack, the OCPD lost his AK-47 gun and a ceska pistol as the police Land Cruiser got burnt in the process.
Matatu operators on Monday disrupted transport in the region after a new sacco was created to oversee the operations of a route managed by Garissa - Madogo sacco.
In an effort to stop intimidation from Garissa - Madogo sacco, members of the new sacco gathered rowdy youths who disrupted operations in Garissa town for 12 hours.
Meanwhile, Garissa DC Samson Macharia Irungu has met with leaders from Madogo town directed them to search for the missing guns.
Passengers travelling from Garissa town were stranded 50 metres from Tana bridge while those travelling to Garissa, Wajir and Mandera were held up at Madogo Police Station for security reasons.
During the skirmishes, several commuter buses were damaged.
The official vehicle belonging to Garissa mayor, Ismail Mohamed Garat, had its windscreen damaged.
A contingent of the General Service Unit was dispatched to restore normal transport.
The area religious leaders have began a peace negotiation between with the matatu operators and residents who have been affected by the dispute.

Matatu Riots Close down Garissa-Nairobi Highway

Traffic on Northeastern's main highway and lifeline was ground to halt by a riot organized by a group of Madogo residents.

The Daily Nation reports:

Traffic on the busy Garissa – Nairobi highway remained disrupted for over seven hours on Monday as rowdy youth battled with matatu operators.The youth backed by a section of Garissa’s Madogo residents blocked the road following a protracted conflict between the two groups.
The rioters lit bonfire and used stones to block the section of the road between Garissa town and Madogo disrupting transport into and out of the town.
A land cruiser full of riot police officers from Garissa and Madogo police stations were thrice repulsed by the youth who pelted them with stones, forcing them to retreat.
Several police officers were injured in the skirmishes.
A contingent of Administration Police officers from Garissa were called in to reinforce their regular counterparts. The youths refused entry to any vehicle leaving and entering Garissa town including Buses.
 The otherwise peaceful demonstration that started on Sunday  turned ugly when Madogo OCS allegedly arrested Madogo Matatu Association Chairman Salim Ali Madei alongside 7 other youth.
Madei had earlier told the press that their Garissa counterparts attacked and injured several of their operators on Sunday completely denying them access to their designated Garissa town stage. In reprisal, the Madogo Matatu operators also barred the Garissa Sacco members from operating on the Madogo route. They also denied trucks from collecting sand at various locations in Madogo prompting Monday’s riots.
Madei also claimed that the Garissa Madogo Matatu Association they were initially affiliated to before they registered their own is not officially registered with the Registrar of Societies.
The Madogo Matatu operators who did not want to be mentioned accused the police of compliancy and siding with the Garissa team.

Monday, July 4, 2011

When Politicians Get Caught Up in an Infinite Loop

This is on the fluffy side of things.

Labour Leader and spineless political weakling, Ed Milliband,  has preternatural powers for sticking to message so much so he seems to be either a programmed parrot or an establishment guy with serious creativity deficiencies. No one should be allowed to rip (pardon, repeat) themselves this much!

As the clip shows, he repeats himself verbatim in answering six different questions.

Our very own professional flimflamer, Aden Barre Dualle, can learn one or two things from this repetitive but always on message politician.

Uneducated Ogadenis

It turns out that Kenya is run by insufficiently educated batshit civil servants. But more worrying is the fact that there are only four (yes, 4) Ogadenians with University degrees in the civil service making for a whopping 0.00000921% of the entire body according to an audit done by the government.

The main take away from the audit is that Kenya is a mafia state where cronyism and nepotism pervade all facets of life and commerce. This is illustrated by the sheer dominance of Kikuyus and Kalenjins in public sector empoyment and the cyclical rise in their hiring as the presidency changed hands between men with allegiance to these two tribes.

Garissa's  lack of  marquee schools, assiduous students and politicians eager to promote education makes me all the more skeptical that this trend will self correct in the long run. For all its new found 'wealth,' Garissa has never been synonymous with producing scholars, public thinkers or political heavy weights. Most influential Somali Kenyans mainly hail from Mandera and to a lesser extent Wajir.

We on other hand are famous for sending an illiterate snake-oil-salesman and a self-promoting gangster to parliament for the last three and half decades.

That said, what needs greater discussion is whether this points to a disinterest in education by Ogadenians or a disinclination towards seeking employment in the public sector? Is the representation of educated Garissians in the private sector greater than in the PSC? These are questions that need your input..(i.e the reader) but I personally have a hard time coming up with names of  successful businessmen whose roots are in Garissa and whose wealth is not tainted by corruption and crony capitalism.

Oh, and don't mention Mahat Kunow...He is illiterate and his philanthropy, while admirable, is deeply flawed because it entirely focuses on missionary style Madrassas and completely sidelines formal education.